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Live Reptile Displays

Welcome to Live Reptile Displays, owned and operated by Andrew Melrose.

Andrew has had over 40 years experience being involved with Reptiles, and over 25 years working at a professional level, from being a licensed snake catcher and reptile relocator, to education and performing demonstrations and presentations and entertainment.

We are based in Sydney, but are available all over NSW for work where possible.

So if you are interested in anything from a Children’s Reptile Party, to a Venomous Snake Presentation, or need any reptiles to star in that next big hit movie, or event? We are sure we should be able to have what it takes to make it work for you.

We are one of the very few demonstrators which can also present venomous snakes, this is always done in a safe controlled environment.

What We Cater
Our Aim

Our aim is to provide everyone with a fun and educational experience with reptiles. This is achieved by providing the correct facts and education.

The information we provide describes what to do, and what not to do around reptiles, and first aid education is also provided with our venomous snake talks.

Reptiles, especially snakes can be a difficult animal to promote, part of our objective is to highlight the many positive aspects about them, which often have a poor image in society based mainly on misinformation.

We want people to respect reptiles and understand their importance in our environment.